Bryant University. The Character of Success


  • Students in the Bryant MBA program are professionals from a range of industries, including engineering, health care, information technology, social services, government, and traditional businesses.
  • Their undergraduate degrees are in business, English literature, history, sociology, pre-law, and biology.
  • They originate from around the country and around the world.
  • More importantly, they have decided to join a community of graduate students that offers mutual support and collaboration throughout the program, and long after Commencement.

Students are hand-picked for specific study teams. From the very beginning, you and your team will work together to understand your individual study styles and personalities, and create a team charter resulting in a plan for success in the program. Those study teams will continue throughout your program, but professors may choose to put different groups together during a particular course to expose you to new experiences. This does not preclude you from continuing to study with your original team.

The Benefits of a Cohort

  • Upon entry to the MBA program, you will join a network of professionals who will remain with you through the program and beyond.
  • The cohort feature enables you to have a heightened learning experience through the relationships you can form with your peers, faculty, and Bryant.
  • You will have a class identity, bonding you to each other and to the University.
  • You will instantly have colleagues from companies in many industries.
  • Should you find a course or topic particularly challenging, or if you are absent from a class due to professional travel, you can rely on your team to get you back up to speed quickly.
  • If you choose to pursue an elective being studied by another cohort, you will have the chance to work with another group of professionals. This opportunity is available four times in the course of two years of study.